Monday, December 15, 2014

8 Months

We celebrated Lyla & Nixon's first Halloween this year by putting on their costumes early in the day so they could play in them and giggle at each other looking silly.  It was SO CUTE to see our little girls all dressed up gazing at each other and giggling at each other. They grabbed at each others costumes with confusion and excitement and thought it was funny until we took the costumes off later that night.

"Sister... is that you?!"
I'm a proud mama of my little Owl and Kitty Cat 
Step 1: Confusion & Awe
Step 2: Amazement- "sister-- that's you!!"
Step 3: Straight up giggle-fest
Step 4: Papa having to save Lyla from a giggle-fest-fall

 Since bedtime is too early for trick-or-treating this year, we took the girls out for an early dinner where they got bites of food off our plate (which they LOVED) and lots of attention from the waitstaff and other kids in the area.

Nixon-the-cat flirting with the table next to us at dinner
Nixon the Cat not happy to be shopping on Halloween 
Family Halloween selfie at the Mac store
Papa kissing his little Nixie-cat goodnight 
Aunt Carrie snuggling her little pumpkins

We had no Dr appointment this month, so we don't have official measurements for the girls, but they are clearly growing well as they are quickly growing out of their 6-9 month clothes.  Almost all the pants I put on them are 12 months.. even a few 18 months for length, which is UNBELIEVABLE! It makes me squeeze them a little tighter when I see them growing so quickly.

8 Month Happenings

This month, a very close friend of mine came to visit with her family from D.C..   Arielle and I have been very close friends and supported each other through the loss of our first children and subsequent birth of our younger children.  Lyla & Nixon are less than a month older than Arielle's son, Logan so it was a fun visit to see the kids interact together while the parents visited.

We went out to dinner with all 3 babies who did very well, for it being a later dinner than they are used to!  It was at this dinner that we learned that Nixon LOVES black beans! She ate almost all the beans off my plate AND some of Trae's! She was on a bean-giggle-high when dinner was over!

Arielle & I being brave and trying dinner out with the babies (past their bedtimes!)
We love you Logan!

A week later, Trae's good friend, Tate stopped by while in town to meet the girls. We adore Tate and his family and the girls immediately started loving on him giving him big hugs & baby squeals.

What a great month October was!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

7 Months

The girls and I can hardly wait for this Texas Summer heat to hit the road so we can start enjoying more daily walks together.  Since we are trying to solidify our nap schedule and make them more consistently timed (and in their cribs, when possible) getting to the gym... or really getting anywhere is pretty tough. So, when I can take them on a mid day walk after lunch and before their nap, or even a late afternoon walk after their nap.. it's GREAT.

I think we're in a fuzzy nap zone. After talking to other moms, especially twin moms.. many agree that around 7/8 months their babies went through this "fuzzy" zone when their babies went from 3 naps, to 2 naps. Since I've never really had us on an exact nap schedule, it's been hard for me to really know when nap "time" is.. but we're getting there.

A typical day for us 

7AM: Both babies wake up in cribs, ready for the day.  I change them out of pj's, into clean diapers.

7:30AM: Girls are in their Bumbo or High Chair playing as I make coffee/unload dishwasher/clean dishes/feed dogs and make the girls breakfast

7:45/8AM: Girls eat breakfast of pureed fruit and oatmeal 

8:30: Playtime- girls play in jumper/excersaucer while I drink coffee/eat breakfast/clean up kitchen

9:30: Girls are ready for their bottles and their morning nap. Typically one naps in the swing while I put the other in her crib upstairs. 

11:30 Both girls are awake and ready to play. We play on the floor or in our jumpers/walker

12:30 Dad comes home for lunch and Mom feeds girls puree of veggies

1:30 Afternoon nap

2:30 Playtime/walk/errands with Mom

4:00 we start to get FUSSY!! Both girls want to fall asleep for nap, but I try to keep them up so they will sleep well at night. We often go outside and swing for 20-30 minutes if its nice.

5:30 Dinner Puree of Veggie/oatmeal or Veggie/meat

6:00 Bathtime, bottle, then bed. 

7:30 Both girls are asleep in their crib.

Dr Terwelp

We had our 7 month visit at 7 months 2 weeks where both girls got their 2nd flu shot and had their measurements checked. 


Weight: 20.9 LBS

Height: 26.2 inches


Weight: 20.2 LBS

Height: 26"

We have some HEALTHY babies!! 

Dr Terwelp had previously sent us home with a list of foods he wanted me to offer the girls before their 9 month appt.  I make all the girls' purees and have been trying to introduce 2-3 new food items a week, slowly checking off his list.  Both girls LOVE to eat purees and have liked almost everything I've given them.  Except avocado.. neither of them likes avocado. I'm hoping that will change in the future as guacamole holds it's own food group title in this house. We LOVE it.

We haven't run into any allergies yet and we're all having fun experimenting with different flavor/consistency combinations.  I was a little worried about pureeing meat.. just the sound of it sounded nasty and I was worried Lyla and Nixon wouldn't like it or would have tummy troubles with it. I made green beans and chicken and both girls gobbled it down as if it was their last supper ever. They LOVED it!! So, I'm on a mission to make more meat combos this month!

Lyla and Nixon are still not sleeping completely through the night, but Nixon seems to wake up less often at night. It's not uncommon for Lyla to wake up at midnight for a bottle, then 4, then 7. If I could just kick that 4 AM bottle!! Nixon tends to need a small bottle around midnight, but will then typically sleep until 8 AM.

This month I bought a used excersaucer so that we would have 2 activity centers for the girls to bounce around in. What a life saver it's been!! Both girls want to be standing all the time, so this gives them the ability to work on their core strength while playing with each other right next to one another. It's been so great to have- a SOLID $15 investment. Also, this taught me that used items are phenomenal. I plan to buy many more used items in their childhood.

Another new addition to our routine are high chairs. Until this month we were using the Bumbo seats to eat in and my healthy little girl's legs were getting stuck in them, so it was time to graduate to high chairs. I bought the OXO Sprout chairs that matched our kitchen the best (and they came highly recommended from friends) and the girls LOVE them. It's so helpful to know I can put them somewhere safe while preparing their food or even running around the house getting things done. Lyla and Nixon like to interact with each other in them, which is fun to watch.  They will hold hands or laugh at one another while playing with their toys.

My little Pumpkins!

Nixon is a master sitter at this point. She rarely falls down anymore and when she does she can usually fall safely by putting her hand out. Lyla is still fairly wobbly in a sitting position, but can sit by herself for several minutes. She is so expressive with her hands and face that she tends to get overly excited, which causes her to fall more often.  When I'm by myself with them, I tend to put pillows all around Lyla to ensure she will have a safe place to land when she falls, to avoid any head "bonks" on the ground.

Lyla, however is officially starting to crawl. She hasn't figured out how to move forward yet, but she can get on her hands and knees and rock. She also ends up pushing herself backwards, which I hear is a last step before actual crawling. It's so fun to see her rock back and forth, testing her strength. She grins so widely and looks so proud of herself. (It probably helps that Mama is so proud of her as well and is cheering her along every step of the way)

Nixon has gotten up on her knees and hands, but no movement yet. I wonder how quickly that will change when her sister is on the move around the house and Mama has to run to chase her!!

ALSO new to our little world (can you tell we've been getting bored with our set up?) are outdoor SWINGS!! Lyla and Nixon LOVE to be outside and so do I, so  I KNEW swings would be a big hit.  I wasn't sure if they were big enough for them yet, so I asked our neighbor if we could borrow theirs one day while we were on a walk and tried Nixon, my smaller baby, in it. She LOVED it. It was giggles-galore, so I knew we had to get 2 for them to play in immediately.  Boy, was I right! We swing everyday around 4:00, when the girls are starting to wind down and get bored/impatient with their toys.  Swings buy me as much time as I need.. We've swung for upwards of 40 minutes before and never has either girl started whining or crying on me- just big grins and euphoric stares into the trees. Horaay for swinging!

As the girls grow out of their clothes and newborn equipment, I am starting to realize its time for us to pass them down and sell them. I've sold a few items here and there but will have a large haul to do soon.  While another baby would be a huge blessing in our lives, I don't see it feasibly being in our cards and can't STAND clutter. So out with the old, in with the new!

The girls have been enjoying their UT tailgates this season, so far. What's better than to be given undivided attention and to be played with by a whole group of new faces?

This month was our annual trip to Dallas to see the Longhorns beat play OU at the Cotton Bowl. While we were excited to see our friends and show the girls the Texas State Fair, I had some anxiety about how badly the trip would interrupt their schedules and sleep.  Ensuring we would be able to see all our friends while in Dallas and the girls would be able to stick to their schedule, we picked up the girl's summer nanny and our good friend, Claire from Baylor on our way up to Dallas. We all LOVE Claire and we were so glad she could spend the weekend with us.

Claire feeding the girls dinner- they LOOOVE Claire!
Claire and I being silly outside the Pig show at the State Fair
Standing with Big Tex!
On Friday we all braved the State Fair heat and spent a few hours taking in all the sights and sounds, including a stop in to see the UT locker room, before making our way over to our good friends, The Ratliffs' house.

Every year we stay with our good friends, Stephen and Diana Ratliff, while in Dallas. Trae and Stephen have been best friends for over 15 years and I adore his wife, Diana.  We're a pretty inseparable couple-duo.
Diana & Stephen
Diana was kind enough to set Lyla and Nixon up their own little room with 2 pack-n-plays ready to go for their bed time! It made traveling SO much easier to have Diana's help with bedtime and bath- time supplies.

Watching the game with Trae's parents

It was a GREAT weekend! The girls slept extremely well for being in a new environment, only waking up once or twice in the night! I was shocked!! Trae and I were able to go out to dinner with our friends on Friday night, go to the game all day on Saturday and leave Sunday.  A really nice getaway.
Our annual TX/OU dinner crew! Ole!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

6 Months

Lyla's 6 Month Measurements:

Height: 26.24 (80%)

Weight: 18.5 (85%)

Head Circ: 46.5 (over 98%)

Nixon's 6 Month Measurements:

Height: 25.75

Weight: 17 lbs 8 oz

Head Circ: 44.5 (95%)

The week the girls turned 6 months, Trae had to leave on a business trip to Denver for the week.  Trae's Mom, "Nana Sharon" came in for the week to help me with the girls.

Up until this point, we had Lyla and Nixon sleeping in their Rock n Plays still. I was so hesitant to move them into their cribs because they slept SO well in their little Rock n Plays, sometimes sleeping 10-12 hour stretches at a time!  Much to my dismay, in the last few days of their 5th month, both girls started turning over in their Rock n Plays, as if they were telling me they were ready for their cribs.

So I decided that with Trae going out of town that Sharon and I would transition them to their crib and hopefully the transition would be complete by the weeks end when Trae was home.

Needless to say, the transition wasn't an easy one.  The girls cried for upwards of an hour each night when we put them down.  I tried different soothing techniques like going in and patting them on the backs and sitting by the crib, but the only thing that seemed to work was to give them their lovey to hold onto and monitor them from outside the room. They both seemed to get more upset if they saw or heard me by their bed.

After a week, the girls started sleeping a little better and putting them down at night wasn't such a long struggle.  After 2 weeks, putting the girls down was even easier and the girls were waking twice a night for a bottle.

We started eating purees this month and have been loving trying out different fruits and vegetables! I really enjoy picking out fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and making them for Lyla and Nixon to gobble up. It's so fun to see their face when they try something new. Fruits tend to light up both of their faces (especially apples and bananas) where berries tend to make their little faces scrunch up telling me its too tart for their little taste buds.  They love sweet potato and carrots but hate anything with avocado in it. I keep telling my girls they will love avocado one day, but for now all I get are gags.

Lyla and Nixon were baptized on August 31st, 2014 at St. Martins Lutheran Church.

We were so blessed to have our family and close friends be a part of the special day.  After the church service where the girls were blessed, we all gathered back at the house where we enjoyed yummy catered food and a DELICIOUS strawberry cake made by Debbie Davis.  We were so thankful to have such an amazing day surrounded by so much love.  Even our Pastor (who also baptized the boys while they were alive in NICU) whispered in my ear that he almost started crying while baptizing the girls.

Lyla and Nixon's God Parents

With the girls growing so fast and me only ever having my phone in my hands, rather than a real camera.. we asked our good friend Courtney to take some photos of us with the girls to mark their 1/2 birthday.  It was SO hot out the day we decided to go, but Lyla and Nixon were troopers and we got some really great family photos out of our quick shoot!

Of course now that it's September, it's COLLEGE FOOTBALL season!!  More importantly to Team Schultz, TEXAS LONGHORN FOOTBALL season!!  While our team is going through some needed growth, we're staying true and rooting on our team!!  While the girls are too young to attend the games this year (Mama learned from our attempt to take them into the baseball game this summer), we enjoy bringing them to tailgate for a couple hours.  We have been tailgating with the same crew for years and they are like a second family to us. It's so nice to be able to have Lyla and Nixon interact with all our friends at tailgate, as they will for years to come!

Labor Day Beautiful!!
Tired girls on Labor day

Practicing our sitting skills outside in the grass

We LOVE bath time!!

Smiles always come out on our walks!

Cheering on our cousin Tanner #73!
Papa and Poppy teach us how to ham it up for the camera!